Advanced field services and innovative solutions for wastewater utilities.

We transform infrastructure data into actionable business intelligence, enabling utilities to accelerate operational excellence, promote the continuity of critical assets, and invest funding where it matters most.

understand the present | protect the future

Comprehensive sewer inspection and SSES programs.

Identify pipeline defects and prioritize renewal programs

Our experienced, NASSCO-certified technicians use advanced, remotely operated cameras on crawlers to provide PACP and LACP comprehensive pipeline inspection services.

Leverage proprietary algorithms to inspect large-diameter pipelines

Hydromax USA is revolutionizing the way professionals inspect pipelines. We specialize in the integration of digital CCTV and multiple sensors, such as Laser/LiDAR and SONAR equipment, to generate advanced reporting such as corrosion and ovality reports, among others.

Quickly identify sources of inflow and infiltration

Our experienced, NASSCO-certified technicians provide MACP Level 1 and Level 2 inspections on underground structures.

Safeguard investments, prioritize renewals

Our non-disruptive force main pipeline assessment technologies provide utilities with an accurate and cost-effective way to detect gas pockets and evaluate the remaining life of buried infrastructure. Our exclusive solutions provide high-resolution pipe-wall measurements and high-accuracy gas pocket identification.

Ready to accelerate operational excellence and promote the continuity of critical infrastructure?

Our advanced wastewater programs transform infrastructure data into actionable business intelligence. 

CCTV Inspection

Detailed visual pipeline assessments for efficient maintenance and problem-solving.

Pipeline Cleaning 

Hydraulic cleaning services for pipes of all sizes.

Multisensor/Sonar/LiDAR Inspection

Advanced inspection to determine accurate internal surface conditions.

Manhole Inspection

Assess structure, verify mapping and identify sources of I/I.

Smoke Testing 

Cost-effectively identify sources of I/I and improper connections.

p-CAT Pipe Condition Assessment

Non-invasive, non-destructive long-distance pipeline assessment.

Nautilus Gas Pocket Detection

Inline leak and gas pocket detection in large diameter pressure pipelines.

Excellence built on experience

Established in 2003, we have over 20 years of sewer field service experience


Linear feet of traditional CCTV inspections.


LF large diameter multi-sensor inspections. (>30”)


LF sewer smoke testing QA/QC by PE


Manhole inspections

Driven by data

Our sewer programs integrate field services with data and technology to provide actionable business intelligence


Lateral inspections


Miles of pipeline condition assessment performed


Two decades of experience

Connecting people, processes, and technology for over two decades.

Hydromax USA has built a reputation for quality infrastructure condition assessment and maintenance programs. Our solutions optimize wastewater collection system performance and reliability, control inflow, infiltration, and SSOs, and prioritize pipeline renewal programs. Our experienced team has assessed millions of feet of collection system pipelines and provided information management services for utilities across the United States.

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