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Join the world-class provider of utility field services transformed through innovative technology and data analytics.

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A place to belong and fulfill your purpose.

At Hydromax USA, you’re a part of a mission-driven team innovating utility field services nationwide. Our employees deliver expert solutions that modernize and improve the operations of our utility partners, assessing and maintaining critical natural gas, water, and wastewater infrastructure.

We’re looking for smart, hard-working people with diverse backgrounds in construction, GIS, engineering, and field service disciplines to join us. Your work makes a difference as you help solve complex infrastructure problems and meaningfully impact the communities in which we live, serve, and protect. Joining Hydromax USA means being part of transforming the utility industry today for a better tomorrow.

What we offer.

Hydromax USA’s advanced field service solutions empower utilities to seamlessly connect people, processes, and technologies to create a safer, sustainable, and more reliable future.


We believe in providing competitive compensation that reflects the value we place on your skills, experience, and contributions.  We also believe in recognizing and rewarding your dedication with a compensation package that aligns with industry standards and acknowledges your role in our success.

Healthcare and Retirement Benefits

Our comprehensive benefits package includes affordable, robust healthcare coverage options for you and your family. We assist in supporting your long-term financial goals through competitive retirement benefits, providing peace of mind for your future.

Long-Term Career Growth

Your success is our priority and we’re committed to providing every employee with a dynamic and rewarding career.  We provide opportunities for professional development, continuous learning, and advancement within Hydromax USA. We want to help you achieve your career aspirations and reach new heights with us.

Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)

Hydromax USA is committed to providing a work environment free from discrimination and where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.  We celebrate and embrace differences in our employees and applicants, and all qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status, disability or any other protected group status.

What’s it like to work here?

Meet SherEureka from our human resources team.

Meet Alex from our water solutions team.

Meet Geoff from our gas leak survey team.

At Hydromax USA, our work connects people, processes, and technologies for a safer and more sustainable future.

Hydromax USA is a world-class provider of utility field services transformed through innovative technology and data analytics. Our clients include utility owners, operators, and consultants charged with maintaining natural gas, water, and wastewater infrastructure across the United States. 

We are powered by a nationwide team of smart, passionate, and collaborative professionals who solve complex infrastructure problems using the most innovative suite of solutions available. Our employees combine experience in construction, GIS, engineering, and field service disciplines to connect the people, processes, and technologies that create impactful digital environments. We are driven by our clear mission: Understand the present and protect the future.

Diversity and inclusion

At Hydromax USA, we recognize that our greatest strength lies in the diversity of our team members. We are committed to fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents. Our approach to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is not just a checkbox, but an integral part of our company culture and mission.

Embracing Diversity

We believe that diversity is not just about differences in gender, race, ethnicity, or background, but also differences in thoughts, experiences, and ideas. We actively seek individuals from various walks of life, with diverse skills and perspectives, to join our team. By doing so, we enrich our work environment and empower our employees to think creatively and solve complex problems more effectively.

Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)

Hydromax USA is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all individuals, regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or veteran status. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to our recruitment, hiring, training, and advancement practices.

Inclusive Culture

Inclusivity is at the heart of our workplace culture. We strive to create an inclusive environment where every team member feels heard, respected, and supported. We encourage open dialogue and collaboration, ensuring that all voices are valued and considered. Through this inclusive culture, we tap into the full potential of our diverse workforce, driving innovation and excellence in everything we do.

Diversity Training and Development

We invest in ongoing diversity training and development programs to ensure that all employees have the tools and knowledge to contribute to a diverse and inclusive workplace. We aim to continuously educate our team members on the importance of diversity and equip them with the skills to foster an inclusive environment.

Community Engagement

We believe in making a positive impact not only within our organization but also in the communities we serve. Our commitment to diversity extends beyond our workplace to the communities where we operate. We actively engage in community initiatives and support organizations that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A Better Tomorrow

Our dedication to diversity and inclusion aligns with our overarching mission: “Understand the present and protect the future.” By fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, we are not only transforming the utility industry today but also ensuring a better, more equitable future for our employees, clients, and the communities we serve.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE), we provide fair opportunities to all, regardless of background. Our team undergoes ongoing diversity training, and we’re active in supporting diversity initiatives in our communities.

Our commitment to diversity aligns with our mission to “Understand the present and protect the future.” Join us to be part of a workplace that values diversity, promotes inclusion, and works towards a better future in utility field services.

Careers FAQs

Applying for a job at Hydromax USA is easy. Simply explore our open positions on our careers page, select the role that matches your skills and interests, and follow the application instructions provided. We look forward to considering your application and learning more about your potential to contribute to our mission.
Thank you for your interest in joining Hydromax USA! After you’ve submitted your application, our dedicated recruitment team will carefully review it. If your qualifications match our requirements, you’ll be contacted for the next steps, which may include interviews or additional assessments. Rest assured, we’ll keep you informed throughout the process.
Our recruitment and interview process at Hydromax USA is designed to be thorough yet respectful of your time. You can expect initial screenings, interviews, and assessments that align with the specific role you’ve applied for. We value your unique skills and experiences, and we’ll provide clear communication and feedback at each stage of the process.
While we may offer relocation assistance for certain positions, it’s best to refer to the specific job posting for details. We value diverse talent and understand that sometimes relocation is necessary to join our mission-driven team.
Yes, at Hydromax USA, we offer competitive compensation packages along with comprehensive healthcare and retirement benefits. We are committed to supporting the well-being and financial security of our team members.
The culture at Hydromax USA is driven by innovation, collaboration, and a shared mission to transform utility field services. We embrace diversity and inclusion, fostering an environment where every voice is valued. Join us, and you’ll experience a workplace that celebrates creativity and excellence.
Absolutely! Feel free to reach out to our HR team through the contact information provided on our website, and we’ll be happy to assist with any inquiries or questions you may have about career opportunities at Hydromax USA.
To stand out during our application process, be sure to highlight your relevant skills and experiences that align with the specific job you’re applying for. Additionally, demonstrate your passion for our mission to modernize utility field services and protect the future of infrastructure.
We have locations across the United States, offering opportunities for remote work and on-site positions. Specific location requirements vary by job, so be sure to review the job postings for details on location preferences.
Absolutely! We encourage you to explore multiple opportunities that align with your skills and career goals. Apply for as many positions as you believe match your qualifications.
Career progression at Hydromax USA is based on your performance, dedication, and contributions to our mission. We value professional growth and offer opportunities for advancement within our innovative and mission-driven organization.