Advanced utility field services and solutions for gas, water, and wastewater utilities.

Utility field services transformed through innovative technology and data analytics.

understand the present | protect the future

Natural Gas

Verifiably improve the outcomes of your pipeline safety and emissions reduction initiatives with our innovative inspection services.

Solutions include:

  • Cross bore safety inspections
  • Gas leak survey
  • Locating and mapping
  • AI video review


Complete assessment and maintenance programs providing water infrastructure analytics and actionable insights.

Solutions include:

  • Water field services
  • Pipeline technologies
  • Intuitive customer dashboards


Comprehensive sewer inspection and SSES programs that identify defects and inform prioritized renewals.

Solutions include:

  • Wastewater field services
  • Multi-sensor inspection
  • Condition assessment

Our values drive our mission.

Hydromax USA advanced field service solutions empower utilities to seamlessly connect people, processes, and technologies to create a safer, sustainable, and more reliable future.


Safety is our highest priority, and we embrace our duty to protect ourselves, each other, the communities we serve, and the environment.


Our holistic, digital approach to quality management ensures every result is traceable, verifiable, accurate, and complete.


We utilize our proprietary digital platform to verifiably improve safety, reduce risk, optimize resources, and protect the environment.


We strive to become a true extension of our customer’s team through our commitment to transparency, respect, credibility, and collaboration.

Protecting the future of infrastructure coast to coast.

We are committed to safety.

Hydromax USA is fully committed to maintaining the highest levels of safety across our organization through the seven elements of our safety culture. We begin with strong leadership commitment and promote open communication to promptly address concerns. We are always vigilant, proactively mitigating risks, and we plan our work carefully to minimize safety hazards. We continuously adapt and learn, staying updated on safety practices. Every team member takes personal responsibility for safety. It’s not just a priority; it’s our guiding principle as we protect American utilities with unwavering commitment and advanced technology.