We understand the present to protect the future of utility infrastructure.

Hydromax USA has been leading the transformation of critical American infrastructure into actionable business intelligence since 2003.

understand the present | protect the future

About Hydromax USA.

For over two decades, Hydromax USA has been a leader in advanced field services and solutions that empower utilities to make the most of their infrastructure investments. Our work is dedicated to improving the safety, sustainability, and reliability of the nation’s energy assets and natural resources. We employ smart, passionate people to solve complex problems using the most innovative suite of solutions available. By seamlessly connecting people, processes, and technologies, our team creates a digital environment that verifiably improves and modernizes the operations of our gas, water, and wastewater utility partners. We believe our clear mission makes the world a better place: understand the present and protect the future.

Our values drive our mission.

Hydromax USA’s advanced field service solutions empower utilities to seamlessly connect people, processes, and technologies to create a safer, sustainable, and more reliable future.


Safety is our highest priority, and we embrace our duty to protect ourselves, each other, the communities we serve, and the environment.


Our holistic, digitalized approach to quality management ensures every result is traceable, verifiable, accurate, and complete.


We collect critical utility data and develop actionable insights that improve safety, reduce risk, optimize resources, and decrease emissions and water loss.


We strive to become a true extension of our customer’s team through our commitment to transparency, respect, credibility, and collaboration.

Meet our leadership team.

Our executive leadership team is led by Chief Executive Officer Chris Jensen and includes leaders of our major commercial and operational teams. The team, with over 120 years of collective utility infrastructure management experience, is charged with setting strategy and making key decisions for our nationwide organization.

Chris Jensen

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Farmer

Vice President of Finance

Carrie Harrison

Director of Human Resources and Talent Management

Dustin Smith

Director of Safety, Fleet and Procurement

David Stiger

Senior Vice President of Technology and Development

John Chapman

Senior Vice President of Gas Sales and Business Development

Shane Majetich

Vice President of Water and Wastewater Solutions

Erik Egeberg

Vice President of Commercial Operations and Business Initiatives

Paul Netkowski

Vice President of Gas Operations

John Mickelson

Vice President of Cross Bore and Wastewater Operations

Hilary Skinner

Director of Communications and Marketing

Protecting the future of infrastructure coast to coast.

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