Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is an inexpensive technique to identify sources of I/I and improper connections within collection systems.

Surface water that enters a collection system can create overflows in wet weather conditions and excessively add to wastewater treatment costs. Smoke testing is performed by injecting non-toxic smoke into the sewer system using a blower system. Potential sewer defects are identified where the smoke escapes the system and appears on the surface.

HUSA performs smoke testing using global positioning system (GPS) technology to locate and describe system defects. Handheld GPS units provide mapping grade coordinates, while trained technicians record detailed information about the observed defects. HUSA can provide an Example Report of Smoke Testing for your review and consideration.

HUSA ensures good public relations through an extensive effort to notify home and business owners of the impending work. Prior to the smoke testing, door hangers are distributed to notify residents what to expect during testing. Smoke testing often raises the public’s awareness of their sewer system.

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