Manhole Inspection

Manhole inspections are performed to help identify sources of Inflow & Infiltration (I/I) and to determine the structural condition of the manhole. Manhole inspections also help to verify or correct existing sewer maps.

HUSA uses GPS technology to perform manhole inspections and locate the positions of the manholes with sub-meter accuracy. The GPS locations make it easy to communicate and document that each manhole was inspected and the location was not confused with another manhole due to any difficulties in reading maps. HUSA can provide an Example Report of Manhole Inspections for your review and consideration.

Traditional inspection methods include visualize observation by trained technicians along with completion of detailed inspection forms and supporting photographs. Advanced techniques include the use of ZOOM cameras that are remotely operated from a vehicle. The units use a telescoping lowering device, a high powered camera with a remotely adjustable zoom lens and powerful lighting. The zoom system allows for digitally recording of the condition of the manhole as well as inspection of pipe segments immediately upstream and downstream of the manhole.

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