Unidirectional flushing services.

Improve water quality, service delivery, and prolong system life with our unidirectional flushing (UDF) programs engineered to systematically close system valves and open hydrants, producing a one-way, high-velocity pipeline scouring effect.

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Improved water quality management.

Unidirectional flushing is the most effective and economical solution to cleanse the distribution system and to improve and maintain water quality. By systematically closing valves and opening fire hydrants, a velocity of 5 ft/s to 6 ft/s is created that is designed to remove sediments and contaminants.

Program benefits:

  • Customer complaints – significantly reduced
  • Water quality – significant improvements
    • Dislodges biofilm & curbs bacteria regrowth
    • Restores disinfectant residual
    • Reduces disinfectant demand and DBP concentrations
    • Reduces turbidity, suspended solids, sediments, discoloration
    • Eliminates taste and odor problems, rusty water
    • Diminishes potential for waterborne disease outbreaks
  • Hydraulics – long-term preventive maintenance
    • Helps control corrosion, prevents/slows the buildup of scale
    • Prolongs system life
    • Removes sediment without damaging pipes
    • Reduces pumping costs
    • Discovers problems (e.g. partially closed valves)
    • Uses less water than conventional flushing up to 60% less
    • Water security breach response
    • Provides model calibration data
    • Leverages hydraulic model/GIS investment

Decades of data expertise

As an ESRI Silver Partner, our technology center is home to a dedicated team of over 70 full-time GIS professionals who bring a wealth of expertise in the development of client dashboards. These specialists have decades of experience working with client infrastructure data from across the country providing client information management, infrastructure program analytics, and value-driven reporting.


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