Hydrant Assessment

Hydrant Condition Assessment and Maintenance

A properly managed hydrant assessment program helps to establish schedules for repair and replacement through regular hydrant maintenance through which a utility can determine the useful life of a fire hydrant and schedule replacement well in advance of predictable hydrant failure. For public health and firefighting operations, the hydrants should be tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are capable of delivering water at required pressures and flow rates. The distribution systems are constantly impacted by improvements, deterioration, changes in usage and even maintenance activities.

HUSA hydrant test procedures are conducted in accordance with AWWA Fire Flow Testing and ISO procedures. The tests include detailed determination of both the flow and test hydrants, measuring of static and residual test pressures, conducting sufficient hydrant flow to adequately stress the system and the necessary analyses to determine fire-flow capacities. HUSA can conduct hydrant tests utilizing multiple flow hydrants under varying system boundary conditions to support engineering facility plan models and identify operational conditions.

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