Visualize and understand risk with machine vision.

With MaxDetectAi, visual inspection tasks are completed with higher accuracy than ever before thanks to our AI model that “sees” and understands the physical world. Cross bore inspections and more can now be verified with the utmost confidence.

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Setting a new standard in cross bore detection

MaxDetectAI revolutionizes cross bore defect detection by surpassing human capabilities with its groundbreaking AI-powered machine vision. Achieving unparalleled accuracy, it operates as a trailblazing platform trained on the world’s largest cross bore data repository. With a pioneering deep learning neural network and customizable alerts, MaxDetectAI enhances efficiency, precision, and scalable impact, contributing to community protection and streamlined program oversight for cross bore safety.

Revolutionizing cross bore defect detection.

In the world of visual inspections, the human eye often falls short, achieving only 80% effectiveness, leaving a critical gap in quality defect detection. MaxDetectAI emerges as a groundbreaking solution, utilizing advanced AI-powered machine vision to surpass human capabilities and revolutionize cross bore defect detection.

MaxDetectAI operates as a trailblazing AI-powered machine vision platform, consistently surpassing human capabilities. Trained on the world’s largest repository of cross bore data, it swiftly detects damages and defects, offering unparalleled accuracy.

Enhanced efficiency, precision, and scalable impact.

MaxDetectAI signals a new era where human limitations fade, making the complex cross bore challenge easier to overcome. It introduces unmatched efficacy, precision, and scalable impact, verifiably contributing to the protection of our communities.

Technical features:

  • Pioneering deep learning neural network
  • Revolutionary Cross bore detection model
  • Precision defect model
  • Enhanced video quality model
  • Unmatched processing speed
  • Infinite scalability
  • Customizable alerts

Key benefits:

  • Enhanced detection accuracy
  • Time efficiency
  • Confidence in decision-making
  • Comprehensive defect insights
  • Seamless integration
  • Optimized resource allocation
  • Scalability without boundaries
  • Timely notifications
  • Streamlined program oversight
  • Enhanced public safety

Working hand-in-hand with cross bore program managers across the nation, we’ve meticulously refined MaxDetectAI to seamlessly examine entire collections of televised inspections and streamline utilities’ audit processes with remarkable efficiency.

Decades of data expertise

As an ESRI Silver Partner, our technology center is home to a dedicated team of over 70 full-time GIS professionals who bring a wealth of expertise in the development of client dashboards. These specialists have decades of experience working with client infrastructure data from across the country providing client information management, infrastructure program analytics, and value-driven reporting.


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