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Transforming the way you manage utility infrastructure for a more connected and efficient future.

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Unraveling manual inputs & hand-drawn maps.

Step into the future of geospatial excellence with Hydromax USA. In a world where utilities are navigating the shift towards digital mapping, the challenge lies in untangling decades of hand-drawn schematics and hastily recorded as-built information. How can a truly accurate digital environment emerge from this maze?

A new era in geospatial intelligence.

Meet the Hydromax USA team, bringing over two decades of expertise to the forefront. We specialize in capturing the precise locations of your buried infrastructure and seamlessly integrating this invaluable data into a cutting-edge GIS environment. Bid farewell to the days of uncertainty about the positioning of your assets.

Our innovative platform goes beyond conventional mapping, offering high-accuracy locating of underground facilities, survey-grade GPS data collection, and direct integration with Esri ArcGIS. But this is just the beginning. Join us as we revolutionize the landscape, creating an advanced digital twin of your distribution system. Experience the intuitive transformation of system integrity management, replacement and renewal planning, and damage prevention. The future is now, and it’s geospatial with Hydromax USA.

Accelerating your digital transformation.

Our mapping and locating services offer:

  1. Real-time Asset Visibility Gain instant insights into the precise location of your underground assets, eliminating the guesswork and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  2. Smart Maintenance Planning Leverage our survey-grade GPS data collection to facilitate proactive maintenance planning, ensuring your infrastructure remains in peak condition.
  3. Seamless Integration Experience a harmonious workflow with direct integration into Esri ArcGIS, providing a user-friendly interface for easy data management and analysis.
  4. Advanced Analytics Harness the power of advanced analytics tools to derive actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions about system integrity, replacement strategies, and damage prevention.
  5. Customizable Reporting Tailor reports to your specific needs, empowering your team with clear and concise information to drive strategic decision-making.
  6. Future-Ready Solutions Stay ahead of the curve with our forward-thinking approach, enabling you to adapt to emerging technologies and evolving industry standards seamlessly.

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