Verifiably improve system safety & sustainability.

Hydromax USA’s unique approach to Gas Leak Survey can digitally track, trace, and analyze every step of your program to quantify and reduce emissions while providing complete assurance of the integrity of your system.

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Optimizing resource allocation and transparency.

Hydromax USA’s digital gas leak survey programs, built on a proven track record and extensive natural gas experience, are driving industry sustainability. With a commitment to next-gen digitalization, our programs provide highly verifiable, accurate, and complete datasets, revolutionizing compliance tracking, record verification, access issue tracking, and other key challenges facing utilities today. The integration of high-accuracy GPS data ensures cost-effective records and empowers utilities with actionable business intelligence, optimizing resource allocation and transparency.

Why digital?

Our digitally-transformed gas leak survey programs, with a proven track record and hundreds of years of collective natural gas experience, are shaping a safer and more sustainable future for the industry. We are deeply committed to next-generation digitalization, offering a highly verifiable, accurate, and complete dataset, supported by advanced analytics and seamless systems integration. Hydromax USA offers one of the most mature solutions with 800+ million linear feet of pipeline data to date.

  • Faster Compliance Tracking Say goodbye to manual paper map transfers; our system streamlines data from the field to the office.
  • Ironclad Record Verification Falsifying records becomes a thing of the past, as utilities can validate from multiple sources.
  • Access Issue (CGI/CGA) Tracking and Management: Our system ensures a clear investigation process and scope fulfillment.
  • Precise Access Tracking No more reliance on technician reports, thanks to high-accuracy GPS data.
  • Cost-Effective Records Eliminate onsite or third-party storage costs for paper maps and forms.

Traditional Leak Survey transformed.

High Accuracy GPS Breadcrumbs (4-8”) document that the Survey Technician is walking directly over the pipeline and validate that work is performed as directed, resulting in:

  • The collection of millions of points every week is pulled into an automated buffer analysis to ensure individual assets were properly surveyed.
  • Gas detection instrument readings blended with latitude, longitude, timestamp, and a collection of other corroborating fields in real-time validate that leaks are never missed.
  • Recorded instrument readings for predictive analysis to be performed on leak migration or probability of leak presence
  • Leak work orders that are automatically generated as searchable PDFs with high-resolution imagery.
  • Asset data collection can be used to update the land base or for conflation projects to further increase enterprise value-added from the program.

Compliance and safety

The improved accuracy, integration, and efficiency of methods used to collect, store and analyze data help our customers manage and verify compliance. This data also allows customers to predict potential hazards for the prioritization and implementation of preventive and mitigative actions.

A 24/7 emergency response system is in place to dispatch leak survey technicians within minutes of an incident occurrence keeping the safety of our customers, technicians, and the public our top priority. This is powered by work orders, automatically generated – when leaks are detected – as searchable digital files with high-resolution imagery.

Quality assurance and equipment

Operators are specially trained to follow prescribed practices. We utilize in-house training as well as Industrial Training Services, ISNetWorld, MEA, Energy World Net, or any other OQ system that the Utility prefers. Additionally, our team utilizes industry best practices for statistical sampling and in-field auditing, backed by cutting-edge technology for tracking and traceability, to ensure the highest levels of quality are maintained.

Concerning equipment, Hydromax USA is manufacturer-agnostic. We select the best equipment for the environment and that which best aligns with the standards of our customers. We can integrate all of the different brands of sensors into our real-time tracking system.

Dedicated to innovation & safety.

Our advanced digitalization technologies help gas utilities capture critical data today to help solve the biggest challenges of tomorrow. MaxSurvey was created to transform leak survey gas programs through data and analytics.

More than just breadcrumbs, MaxSurvey tracks, traces, and analyzes every detail of your program with maximum data integrity. Verifiably reduce your emissions with next-generation resource optimization and transparency. 

Actionable business intelligence.

Hydromax USA is propelling the industry forward incorporating utility data into a GIS interface resulting in efficient, user-friendly presentations that deliver:

  • Asset details available across multiple departments for project design, project scheduling, and operations control
  • Better budgeting by combining asset characteristics from multiple sources of traditionally siloed data
  • GIS visual interface that allows users to gather assets by selecting them directly on the screen, turning them into BIM, circuit diagrams, etc.
  • Integration with SAP and other data structures
  • A structured database to generate meaningful queries and reports with ease.
  • GIS databases: High-accuracy asset location and a transition from physical paint marks to a digital response system

Decades of data expertise

As an ESRI Silver Partner, our technology center is home to a dedicated team of over 70 full-time GIS professionals who bring a wealth of expertise in the development of client dashboards. These specialists have decades of experience working with client infrastructure data from across the country providing client information management, infrastructure program analytics, and value driven reporting.



Total footage of digital natural gas pipeline surveyed to date


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Natural gas infrastructure data collected and securely stored

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