Digital Leak Survey

Providing a verifiable digital trail

Our digital data collection process offers a real-time, verifiable digital trail through high-accuracy GPS breadcrumbs that ensure inspections are completed to exceed industry standards. Data collected is constantly uploaded from mobile devices where records are reviewed immediately.


The improved accuracy, integration, and efficiency of methods used to collect, store and analyze data help our customers manage and verify compliance. This data also allows customers to predict potential hazards for the prioritization and implementation of preventive and mitigative actions.


A 24/7 emergency response system is in place to dispatch leak survey technicians within minutes of an incident occurrence keeping the safety of our customers, technicians, and the public our top priority. This is powered by work orders, automatically generated – when leaks are detected – as searchable digital files with high-resolution imagery.

Quality Assurance

Operators are specially trained to follow prescribed practices. We utilize in-house training as well as Industrial Training Services, ISNetWorld, MEA, Energy World Net, or any other OQ system that the Utility prefers.

Field Data Collection Equipment

Hydromax USA is manufacturer agnostic. We select the best equipment for the environment and that which best aligns with the standards of our customer. We are able to integrate all of the different brands of sensors into our real-time tracking system.

Dedicated to Innovation & Safety

Hydromax’s information technology services focus on ongoing innovation in risk analysis, work prioritization, and optimizing field services for our clients through software development and GIS system development. Our UtilSafe ™ suite of solutions is a result of that dedication.

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