MultiSensor (MSI) Inspection

MultiSensor Inspection refers to the concurrent collection of pipeline data from multiple sensors at once via a single robotic platform. Data collected can be:

  • Visual – CCTV, dye, smoke, optical scanner etc.
  • Acoustic – sonar, SL-Rat, ultrasonic, echo, sounding, etc.
  • Laser – 2D ring, 2D LiDAR & 3D LiDAR
  • Physical – temperature, gas, flow, environmental, etc
  • Among others.

Our multi-sensor inspection solution comprises any combination of inspection technologies, such as camera, sonar, and laser, and is deployed in conjunction with our MaxSense MultiSensor Software Solution. The key is to present the data in an efficient, easy-to-understand format that accurately describes corrosion, sedimentation, and structural defects. HUSA has significant experience with several multi-sensor technologies offering advanced capabilities, such as continuous & simultaneous data collection with easily interpreted data in open source formats.

Hydromax USA is a multi-sensor inspection pioneer, specializing in the integration of digital CCTV and multiple sensors, including LASER and SONAR equipment, and the interpretation and presentation of the raw data. We generate highly accurate profiles, geo-reference above and below water objects, and correlate this information to existing grids or coordinates.

Our proprietary and innovative data collection and analysis is a game-changer. Using continuous and simultaneous data collection in open source formats, we present our customers with the most insightful data that is efficient and easily interpreted – accurately and quickly revealing corrosion, sedimentation, and structural defects.

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