Flow Monitoring

Flow monitoring identifies flows at locations within a sewer system; ideally providing data showing changes in flow patterns during different weather conditions at different times throughout a monitoring period. Temporary flow monitoring is usually one of the first actions taken to better understand the problematic areas within a collection system. It may also be performed to verify the success of rehabilitation projects associated with inflow/infiltration (I/I) removal.

Since 2003, HUSA personnel have installed over 2,500 flow monitors across the country. HUSA uses the latest in monitoring equipment to provide both temporary and permanent flow monitoring in collection systems. HUSA has experience evaluating potential monitoring sites to determine the most effective monitoring technology and HUSA is often a beta tester for new, innovative technologies. However, successful flow monitoring projects are as much about technique as technology. Our experience is unparalleled and our field crews are trained to evaluate all site conditions for the most effective flow monitoring data collection.

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