Risk Reduction Prioritization Modeling

Optimizing Cross Bore Programs and Effectively Reducing Risk

Hydromax USA’s Risk Prioritization Modeling Software MaxPredict empowers utilities to quickly assess and prioritize their inspection plan utilizing their existing cross bore and claims records. MaxPredict pinpoints and prioritizes at risk facilities so you can prioritize inspections to the highest potential risk while simultaneously categorizing areas of medium and lower risk values resulting in a heat map visualization of priority. By leveraging Hydromax USA’s direct experience managing cross bore projects as well as our deep expertise in data analytics and testing, utilities can make efficient use of limited budgets and capital resources. This accelerates the prioritization of potential risks and remediation all while improving public safety.

Our novel approach utilizes proprietary spatial relational tools based upon GIS data combined with powerful machine learning algorithms to create risk prioritization models with rich depth. The results drive the decisions to provide the highest reduction in risk with economic evaluation, sorting through all the available attribute data and teasing out correlated features instead of relying on human intuition and experience, both of which can carry unintentional bias. The result is an output for the likelihood of an event that has much better statistical significance and predictive power than any traditional approach.

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