Digital Locate Cards

Optimizing the Field Data Collection Process through Digitalization

Locate Cards are an industry standard document used to collect and report pipeline inspection data. Typical data points captured on the card include contractor information, date and location of the inspection, information about the equipment used and method of the inspection, and if the inspection was completed. Additional information includes a map of the location of the pipeline and measurement details. They may be used in pre- or post-construction inspections or in legacy cross bore programs to communicate lateral pipeline locations and conditions.

Now: The Power of Digital
with MaxLink Digital Locate Cards
  • Real-Time: Data create a digital twin of your system; capture all required data with real-time turnaround and analysis in an automated mapping database.

  • Accessible: View from anywhere, anytime.

  • Touch-Free: No physical document handoffs

  • Input Validation and Business Logic: Digital forms require inputs, response selection via dropdowns, and consistent auto populations to greatly reduce human error and inconsistencies while increasing efficiency and record confidence.

  • Fully Configurable for Your Existing Systems and Equipment: Collect data in your desired format by replicating your paper form in a fully digital format with data correlated to your work order management systems, all accessible on your existing equipment.
  • Efficient: No more scanning, emailing, and uploading for review; improved workflow efficiency means reduced time between inspection and construction or remediation

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