Machine Learning Empowered Inspection Video Review

Leverage the Industry’s Most Robust Cross Bore Data Set to Optimize Your Programs

Hydromax USA’s MaxDetect is a machine learning empowered software designed to maintain high confidence inspection results while significantly reducing your cross bore program’s manual video review. Our algorithms were purpose-built by leveraging decades of experience managing cross bore programs and deep expertise in infrastructure data analytics and testing. When using MaxDetect, utilities can make efficient use of limited budgets and capital resources, accelerate the identification of potential cross bore risks and remediation all while improving public safety in the communities they serve.

Our approach utilizes powerful machine learning algorithms trained with the industry’s most robust cross bore program data set to identify cross bores, wyes, root balls, damaged pipe and other anomalies within pipeline inspection video footage. Frames identified by the software are then organized for human review. This significantly reduces time spent manually reviewing hours of footage and instead focuses on the important data, allowing utility owners to experience significant improvement in their inspection turnaround times.

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